Acai Berry & The French Paradox

Acai Berry has been heralded as both a weight loss aid and a superfood thanks to a host of nutrients, most important of which, are Resveratrol and Anthocyanins.

What is The French Paradox?

resveratrol acai berryThe French are known for their rich diet full of weight loss enemies like cheese, white flour based foods, sugar, foie gras and not forgetting a large helping of artery clogging caffeine and nicotine.  Despite this, the French have a very low rate of heart disease and are noticeably leaner than many other countries in the western world such as The US, Canada, The UK and Ireland.  This strange phenomenon is known as the French Paradox.

What are the French doing so right?

Well, scientists believe it’s all down to resveratrol and anthocyanins, large amounts of which are found in certain red wines. But what’s even more exciting is that while these wines contain a large dose of these health giving nutrients, the small but powerful Acai Berry has 30 TIMES the amount!!!

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What is Resveratrol?

acai berry resveratrolResveratrol is a highly potent antioxidant, which actually helps to curb your appetite.

Through it’s antioxidant properties, it also helps the cells of the body to fight off toxins and free radicals, which when not kept in check, age us rapidly, affect our health and wellbeing, and leave us susceptible to disease.

Our cells need energy to fight them and the energy they need is provided by burning fat. So not only does resveratrol help you live longer and look and feel younger, it also helps you lose weight quickly.

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