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Acai – Watch This Video And Learn The Facts!

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Acai Review – All The Facts You Need To Know

Just think of yourself as an engine. Over time there is a build up of dirt, oil, and anything else that should not be there. These are toxins in our case.

As toxins build up the body is unable to work as efficiently. The metabolic system does not work as efficiently which can lead to weight loss, and this build up can lead to you lacking energy and detoriate your physical appearance. Get rid of all the crap in your system, and you will notice immediate results! Once your body has expelled the toxins, your body will start to work more efficiently. For example, you will notice your metabolic system is far more efficient, so it will be much easier to lose weight. Take a great quality acai berry supplement before it’s too late, and invest in your health, weight, appearance and future!

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Your Acai Berry Results

  • Weight Loss – you will experience weight loss, but it will also be easier to maintain this weight loss.
  • Energy Boost – You will have significantly more energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Improved Appearance –You will notice a different in your skin, which should become clearer, and your hair healthier.
  • Health – As well as feeling better now, you have also invested in your future. The build up of toxins are what cause disease, and by purging your body of impurities you just invested in your future self.

Why Is Acai Berry So Good?

  • Full of AntioxidantsCombined with the maqui berry, the acai berry is the absolute most powerful antioxidants in the world. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, which come in the Açaí, help rid the human body of toxins, harmful chemicals and free radicals, which can produce severe damage in the torso, and cause harmful and fatal diseases. By taking a high dose of antioxidant, you are able to lower your chances of having cancer and other illnesses.
  • Omega Fatty AcidsAçaí Berry contains Omega 6 and Omega 9, which enable you to reduce your bad cholesterol that is also known as LDL cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein). Consequently, you are able to raise your good cholesterol and fight off heart disease. Açaí also lowers blood pressure through an increased flow of oxygen through the arteries. This superfood can be known to lessen stress, which is really a major source for high blood pressure.
  • Resveratrol & Anthocyanins Acai Berry has approximately 30 times more resveratrol and anthocyanins than red wine! These agents also detox the human body and fight free radicals, and generally help the human body to run more efficiently, and rendering it harder for the human body to store fat.
  • Vitamins & MineralsAlong with Vitamin C and E, Açaí Berry also offers over 1000 IU of Vitamin A per 100 grams of the fruit. It posseses an equivalent number of Vitamin C as blue berries, in addition to 19 proteins for increased protein (8 grams per 100 gram serving). Studies show that Açaí Berry has 50 times more compared to cancer-fighting agents found in mangos.

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The Acai Holy Grail

Just remember all acai products are not the same. As per the video above, always follow the golden rules, when you are buying an acai product.

  1. You’ll need at the least 500mg each day to see any true results. 1000mg plus is preferable. Some products on the market only contain 40mg of acai – frightening!
  2. Acai fruits MUST be FREEZE DRIED to be able to retain all the essential nutritional elements you will need to lose weight. Some low quality products only contain air dried acai. Don’t be fooled, this acai does not contain enough anti-oxidants as the berries have detiorated, and this will not give you any fat loss results whatsoever!!
  3. Acai berries much be natural and pure. If they have been tampered with or are not organic, they will not contain the high amount of antioxidants, and will again not work for weight loss.
  4. NEVER sign up for a free trial offer – Often the websites that run free trials, do not offer good quality products.

Now you have the facts, get some high qualtiy acai, and invest in yourself for now and the future! Start losing weight today!

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