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I am a health blogger and reviewer of weight loss foods such as caralluma fimbriata, hoodia gordonii and chilli. I also review the best weight loss products available on the market today such as Caralluma Actives, Capsiplex, Meratol, Pure Acai Berry, Unique Hoodia. I have worked in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries for the last 12 years, working in the baby, child and adult healthcare arenas. I am also PAGB qualified (for over-the counter medicines and food supplements). I have deep understanding, knowledge and experience with health, weight loss and health supplements. I feel I can GENUINELY give good advice and recommendations on the healthcare ingredients and products that are on the market today. There's a lot of bad weight loss products available on the internet and my goal is to educate customers what to look for, and recommend the best products out there.

KouTea Review

weight loss foods green tea weight lossMy KouTea Review

As you know I am a huge advocate of green tea for weight loss. A high quality green tea will speed up your metabolism, detox your body, suppress your appetite, give you more energy and burn fat.

This is a highly impressive list of weight loss attibutes, not forgetting the effect green tea can have on the rest of your health (anti-cancer properties, reduced risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels but to name a few!)

I personally drink a high quality green tea everyday, and plan to for the rest of my life!


KouTea The World’s Best Green Tea For Weight Loss?

For a long time, the best weight loss tea on the market was Tava Tea. However, another weight loss green tea called KouTea has just been launched. It has been launched by the highly reputable company RDK Global, who are already behind a number of successful weight loss products.

Just like Tava Tea, KouTea contains the most superior forms of green teas, which are highly effective for weight loss.  KouTea also contains WhiteTea.

KouTea Ingredients With Scientific Backup

Kou Tea 2GREEN TEA – Proven to burn fat, speed up the metabolism and remove free radicals from your body (to name just a few of the many health and weight loss benefits!), KouTea contains a highly concentrated form of high quality green tea.

OOLONG – This is a superior form of green tea, that is very popular amongst celebrities (pssst Victoria Beckham!). As well as containing all the benefits of green tea, it controls obesity and bust stress through the polyphenol compound it contains.

According to the Suntory Research Center located in Osaka, Japan, Oolong tea helps you to digest carbs more effective, having a huge effect on your weight loss. Also The Osaka Institute for Health Care Science notes that Oolong tea helps to reduce stress levels by as much as 18 percent!

Oolong tea also packs a huge nutritious punch, and contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as calcium, manganese, copper, folic acids, potassium, selenium and carotin!

PU-ERH TEA – This is another supercharged green tea that contains the super powerful polyphenol. It helps to lower blood cholesterol levels by helping to remove free radicals from the body. It also increases blood circulation, aids digestion and naturally boosts the immune system, helping your body to fight off any sickness or bad health.

WHITE TEA – White tea can help you to look younger. It contains a huge quantity of polyphenols, which flush away the toxins found in your cells and blood stream.

White tea also promotes good circulation and helps to maintain the blood pressure. It also contains catechins, which help to lower high cholesterol levels.

White tea is great for weight loss as it boost the metabolism. It helps to naturally burn the body’s fat cells and boosts the body’s overall ability to maintain weight loss after you have lost it!

In my opinion, this blend of the four most potent teas will give you maximum health and weight loss results. Click the link below to visit the official website and learn more.


Click To Visit The Official KouTea Website


KouTea Review

Meratol and George Clooney

Meratol and George Clooney

The weight loss supplements I review and write about are the best weight loss products available period. There are hundreds of other weight loss products available online that I would never include on this website, as they are just rubbish. It makes me so cross, to think of anyone getting ripped off, and being sold a useless product with great promises of weight loss.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Anyway, one thing I am not allowed to take about is what celebrities are using what weight loss supplements. This is purely for legal reasons. However, I was cheered to read in The Daily Mail (UK) that George Clooney and Leonardi DiCaprio are both fans of Meratol. They are friends, so did Leo recommend it to George, or George to Leo I wonder?

The Daily Mail also confirmed Courtney Cox and Eva Longoria as fans of Meratol. I think Courtney Cox’s figure in Cougar Town must be the best endorsement for a weight loss product out there. She is now in her later 40s and looks beyond incredible.

Meratol And It’s Derserved Popularity

However, back to George, it is according to The Mail, the George Clooney effect which has sparked a huge surge in Meratol sales. Deservedly so, Meratol is a great product that works.

Meratol is a winning combination of natural ingredients that speed up the metabolism, burn fat and suppress the appetite.

Click here to read my full Meratol review, or click below to learn more on the official Meratol website and get the best price deals! You won’t regret trying Meratol, it’s a genuine product that works!


Click To Visit The Official Meratol Website









Meratol and George Clooney