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Fibretrim is a very effective and CLINICALLY PROVEN weight loss drink that contains Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana, the ingredients found in the very successful Zotrim, with added prebiotics and antioxidants to ease bloating and detox the body.

  • Lose 4lbs a week!
  • Lose 5% of your body weight in 6 weeks!
  • Reduce your waist by 4.3cm in 4 weeks
  • Reduce your calories by almost 20%
  • Suppress your appetite and watch the excess pounds fall off!

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fibretrim weight loss foods

Fibretrim is a convenient weight loss drink mix that can really help you lose weight fast and very easily!

Yerba Maté, Damiana and Guarana, are all known to have individual weight loss benefits. However, it has been clinically proven that when all 3 are combined, the weight loss results are extremely powerful!

Yerba Maté, is known to suppress weight gain and body fat accumulation, alongside lowering cholesterol and glucose levels. It is also beneficial to the heart and helps to neutralize free radicals.

Damiana, is used as a health tonic all over the world, and prevents over eating and promotes good digestion. 

Fibretrim weight lossGuarana, speeds up the metabolism and detoxes and cleans the digestive system, in addition to providing you with natural energy.

Study into the combination of these 3 herbs for weight loss was pioneered by Danish Physician, Dr Lasse Hessel. The study found that taking a mix of yerba maté, guarana, and damiana, three times daily for 45 days induced significant weight loss – on average over 12lbs! Try this incredible formulation today!

All this from doing nothing whatsoever, no change in diet or exercise patterns at all!

The herbal blend also helped participants feel full more quickly while eating.  All subjects were studied 12 months on, and it was found that all the initial weight loss was maintained.

This led to the launch of the hugely successful Zotrim, and now Fibretrim, and the incredible weight loss results have been backed up no less than 8 times in medical and clinical studies!

Fibretrim is the only prebiotic weight loss drink of it’s kind available on the market, which is clinically proven to work and give you the weight loss you really want!

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Daily Serving – Yerbe Maté, Guarana and Damiana, and Inulin oligofructose, extracted from chicory.

Price – 1 month supply $42.86/£22.453 month supply $93.99 ($31.33 per month)/£54.00 (£18.00 per month), 6 month supply $166.92 ($27.82 per month)/£99.00 (£16.50 per month).

*Prices may slightly vary according to the exchange rate

FibretrimRating – 5/5 – This is an outstanding product, giving you all the weight loss results of Zotrim, with the added benefit of a quality prebiotic and added antioxidants. The drink tastes nice, and is an easy and convenient format to take.  It is amazing to think that the formulation was discovered by a Doctor mixing 3 weight loss products together, and the incredible weight loss results they achieved when combined. It is also good to know that the powerful weight loss properties of the formula have been clinically proven time and time again, so you can really buy this product with confidence, knowing it will really work! Fibretrim will give you effective weight loss, whilst reducing any bloating, and boosting your energy and metabolism! Enjoy your weight loss and your new slim body!

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weight loss foods fibretrim

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