Green Tea

Green Tea is incredible for weight loss as well as your health. It is a great fat burner, as well as being loaded with powerful and health enhancing antioxidants.

weight loss foods green tea weight lossWith a quality green tea product you will:-

  • Lose up to 4lbs per week
  • Speed up your metabolism and burn calories and fat more efficiently
  • Flush toxins from your body
  • Significantly reduce your appetite (up to 60%!)


More Reasons Why Is Green Tea So Good?

Tava TeaGreen Tea also increases your sense of wellbeing and greatly boosts your energy levels, which enables you to burn even more calories, therefore helping you to lose even more weight!

Particular brands of weight loss green tea are also believed to regulate blood sugar resulting in less need to snack or binge.

Green Tea is also an incredibly versatile weight loss and health product as you can drink it in tea format, or take it as a capsule!


You will lose up to 4lbs per week, taking a quality, green tea supplement!

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Our Top Rated Green Tea Weight Loss Products

Green tea weight loss Tava teaTava Tea

Tava Tea is by far, the most superior green tea available on the market today. A huge success since launch, Tava Tea has WOWED the public and the media with the weight loss results this product can help you acheive.

  • Lose up to 4lbs a week!
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Burn fat & calories in record time!
  • Detox your body
  • Improve your health, weight and appearance

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Tava Tea

weight loss foods best green tea weight lossWhat is Tava Tea?

Tava Tea is an incredibly powerful green tea weight loss product. It helps your body to burn fat, and is packed with life-enhancing antioxidants.

The antioxidants in green tea, flush out toxins and clear the metabolic pathways, speeding up your metabolism and boosting energy.

Green Tea is also a highly effective appetite suppressant, and Tava Tea reduces your appetite up to 60%!

What Does Tava Tea Contain?

Tava Tea is a unique blend of Wuyi Cliff Oolong (also known as Wu Long), Sencha and Puerh green teas, which are the 3 most powerful and superior forms of green tea for weight loss in the world! Try today!

green tea weight loss1. Wu-Long (or Wuyi Cliff Oolong) tea has been praised as the most powerful natural weight loss aid on the market with accolades pouring in from Hollywood stars and other celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Courtney Cox and Oprah Winfrey.

Watch the pounds fall off with Tava Tea!

This ancient Chinese tea has been used for thousands of years to increase energy and fight obesity in China and Japan.

2. Puerh tea is often called the Wonder Tonic and the “Medicinal Tea” and has been hugely popular in China for over 1700 years. Puerh tea helps to burn fat, and eases bloating.  It is also know to lower blood cholesterol levels and may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

weight loss foods Tava Tea 3. Sencha is very popular in Japan, and has high levels of Catechin, a type of polyphenol and a powerful antioxidant. Sencha detoxes the body and speeds up the metabolism. The catechin in the tea, strengthens the body at a cellular level, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also reduces stress.

Tava Tea Weight Loss Success

As you can see, Tava Tea is no ordinary weight loss tea, or regular green tea you would buy from a healthstore or supermarket. Tava Tea is the unique formulation of the world’s most powerful weight loss and health enhancing teas. Now these teas have been combined for the very first time in Tava Tea, and the weight loss results and health benefits are tenfold!

Not surprisingly, Tava Tea has been a huge success since launch, and has also had extensive media coverage due to it’s incredible weight loss capabilities, for example, featuring on the front page of the National Newspapers such as The Sunday Express in the UK. Glowing customer reports and recommendations, just keep coming!

Lose Weight FAST & FOR GOOD with Tava Tea!

Tava Tea

Tava Tea Product Details

Tava Tea comprises of the highest grade, 100% organic Wu Long, Sench and Peurh teas, with full certification. You will not find a more superior or effective weight loss tea!

Daily Serving – 100% Organic, whole Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong (also known as Wu Long) and Puerh green tea leaves of the best grade possible, packed into high quality pyramid teabags.

Green tea weight loss tava tea

Tava Tea is one of THE VEST VALUE weight loss products available!

Price with FREE Delivery – 1 Box of Tava Tea (1 month supply) $35.00/£22.50, 2 Boxes of Tava Tea (Plus 1 FREE!) month supply $70.00/£45.00

*Please note UK prices may slightly vary according to the exchange rate

Tava Tea Rating 5/5

Top Rated Tava Tea

A huge success since launch, with proven weight loss results, Tava Tea contains the most superior forms of green tea for weight loss. If you prefer to drink your weight loss green tea as opposed to taking a supplement, this is definately the right product for you. In essence, this is the best weight loss tea money can buy!

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weight loss green tea


green tea weight loss awesome green teaAwesome Green Tea Pills

If Tava Tea is king of the green teas we have found, Awesome GreenTea is king of the green tea supplements. It is the most superior green tea weight loss tablet we have found on the market today, bringing about effective, longterm and healthy weight loss for you!

  • Lose up to 4lbs a week!
  • Burn fat quickly
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Detox your body
  • Fight your signs of aging!

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Awesome Green Tea

weight loss foods green tea weight lossWhy Is Awesome Green Tea So Good?

Awesome Green Tea contains a massive 1500mg of pure concentrated green tea,which is the highest amount in any green tea capsule on the market today!

This allows you to take full advantage of all the weight loss and detoxifying properties that green tea has to offer.

The Best Green Tea Supplement Available

Awesome Green Tea provides you with a highly concentrated amount of pure green tea (no extract or fillers), which intesifies the effectiveness of the product, and again will give you the best possible weight loss result, whilst giving your body a thorough detox. Try Today!

Based on the price per mg of green tea, this is also the cheapest green tea weight loss supplement!

Awesome Green Tea will help you burn fat quicker, speed up your metabolism, boost energy and increase your immunity to illness and fight the ageing process.

Lose Weight With Awesome Green Tea Pills

Awesome Green Tea

Awesome Green Tea Product Details

Daily Serving – 1500mg of pure concentrated green tea

Price1 month supply $60.12/£41.90, 3 month supply $138.95 ($46.32 per month)/£96.83 (£32.28 per month), 6 month supply$238.95 ($39.83 per month)/£166.52 (£27.75per month)

*Please note UK prices may slightly vary according to the exchange rate

Awesome Green Tea Rating 5/5

This is the best quality green tea weight loss capsule we have found on the market.  The high 1500mg dose, the purity and the quality of the green tea, will ensure this product works for you, bringing about effective yet easy weight loss, whilst also investing in your health and wellbeing! If you prefer the convenience of taking a capsule, as opposed to drinking a tea, this is the weight loss product for you!

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Extra Strength Green Tea Capsules

Weight loss green tea weight lossThis product is a good example of a typical green tea weight loss supplement available to buy on the market today.  The retailer selling this product has a good reputation and the product is an affordable price.

  • Lose weight and detox
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Burn fat
  • Boost your energy
  • Calms your mind and improves your sense of wellbeing

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Green Tea Weight Loss

weight loss foods green tea weight lossWhy Is Green Tea Weight Loss So Good?

Green tea weight loss is incredibly powerful. It helps your body to burn fat, and is packed with life-enhancing antioxidants. The antioxidants in green tea, flush out toxins and clear the metabolic pathways, speeding up your metabolism and boosting energy.

This product contains a daily dose of 500mg green tea from extract. This is a very affordable green tea product, but looking at price per mg of green tea, this is actually more expensive than Awesome Green Tea.

green tea weight loss

Extra Strength Green Tea Capsules Product Information

Daily Serving – 500mg of green tea extract

Price – $32.17/£19.95 for 1 month supply (90 capsules)

Rating – 3/5 – Whilst this product is a representive of some of the better green tea weight loss products on the market today, this product provides you with 500mg of green tea per day (vs 1500mg for Awesome Green Tea).

The actual green tea is also from extract, so will not be as pure and potent as Tava Tea andAwesome Green Tea, and therefore will not provide with the same weight loss and health benefits.

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green tea weight loss

Weight Loss Foods – Our Recommendation

Green Tea is an incredibly powerful superfood for weight loss.  Green Tea is a highly effective fat burner, but it does not give you any unpleasant side effects such as palpitations, which is what you are likely to experience with any other fat burner product!

By taking a quality green tea weight loss supplement such as Tava Tea or Awesome Green Tea, you are really investing in your health and wellbeing, in addition to losing weight effectively, and for the long-term.

Tava Tea and Awesome Green Tea are both outstanding products, providing the highest quality ingredients to bring about the best possible weight loss for you! We have researched all green tea weight loss products available on the market, and these two products really are the best money can buy.

Your choice really depends on the format you prefer to take your green tea. A capsule with Awesome Green Tea, or drinking tea with Tava TeaFor us personally, we love drinking delicious and very effective Tava Tea!

Enjoy your weight loss, you will never look back!

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Weight Loss Foods – More Top Rated Products


green tea weight lossIf ever there was a weight loss miracle product, this is it! Meratol contains Capsicum, Brown Seaweed and Prickly Pear Cactus, three of the most effective weight loss foods in the world, and is the ONLY product in the world to contain ALL these wonder products!

Meratol blocks carbohydrates up to 82%, reduces calorie intake, speeds up the metabolism and helps you to burn more fat and calories all in one single tablet WOW!

Clinically proven to make you lose 3 to 5 lbs within your first week of taking! Meratol is set to be the number one selling weight loss product this year, and we are really not surprised!

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green tea weight loss

Slimweight Patch

Green tea weight lossSlimweight Patch is loaded with the most advanced but natural weight loss foods and ingredients, such as Seaweed Extract Bladderwrack, Guarana and Yerba Maté. Slimweight Patch blocks carbohydrate digestion, speeds up the metabolism and detoxes the body.  It also contains other fat burning nutrients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Zinc Pyruvate, and L-Caritine.

Clinically proven to help you lose up to 4lbs per week, this is an easy, fast and convenient format to give you natural yet highly effective weight loss. Slimweight Patch is a VERY successful, proven product, and is the Number One weight loss patch worldwide!

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Green tea weight loss


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Green Tea and Tava Tea for great weightloss today!

For more information on Tava, tava tea and green teas read our green tea articles and product reviews!