How the Capsicum & Capsiplex Have Taken The Weight Loss World By Storm

weight loss foods capsiplexThe Capsicum (red pepper), has been used by many nations for centuries in cooking and also to treat many ailments, however, it is only now that the Capsicum is enjoying recognition for its amazing weight loss powers with the launch of Capsiplex!

Lengthy research has been undertaken to prove how the capsicum can really help us to lose weight. The capsicum acts by considerably speeding up the metabolism and burning fat before it is able to be absorbed by the body and stored as fat.

The capsicum also suppresses your appetite, and promotes blood circulation, so more oxygen and nutrients are carried through the body faster and more efficiently.  This promotes a healthier body and ensures ongoing weight loss.

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We Can Now Take This Powerful Weight Loss Food With Capsiplex!

weight loss foods capsiplexDespite the huge weight loss abilities of the capsicum, the technology has not been in place until now for us to take the capsicum in a supplement form, and therefore in a high enough dose to truly experience these weight loss benefits.

Enter the makers of Capsiplex, who have designed a special outer coating, which means no burning sensations or tummy discomfort will be experienced when taking a capsicum supplement.

The technology in Capsiplex allows for you to be protected from any burning associated with the chilli, whilst allowing your body to absorb the capsicum into your system to kick start your weight loss. Lose weight with chilli today!

weight loss food capsiplexCapsiplex promises you will lose 4lbs in the first week alone, and you don’t even need to do anything else (whilst of course it is always good to exercise too!), hence the slogans ‘Slim While You Sit’, and ‘Lose Weight At Your Desk’.  This incredibly powerful weight loss food, really is a ground breaking discovery, which will impact the weight loss market for years to come!

Where Can I Buy Capsiplex & Start Losing Weight?

Capsiplex is only available directly from the manufacturers on the Official Capsiplex Website.  The company own the copyright to the technology (and are also using this technology in Meratol), so be cautious of any ‘high street’ versions, as they will not have the same weight loss results.

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Capsiplex Takes The Media By Storm!

The incredible weight loss properties of the capsicum and Capsiplex, have taken the weight loss world by storm, and have made national headlines, such as this article in The Daily Star (summer 2010 UK).

When Capsiplex was lauched, it sold out in 3 days! Capsiplex has grabbed a lot of media attention particularly in national newspapers, as you can lose weight healthily and effectively, but doing very little except taking Capsiplex!

Highly advocated by many personal trainers in the US. Hollywood ‘A List’ celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Brad Pitt are just a few stars that are said to take Capsiplex to keep their figures trim and are said to be fans.

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weight loss foods meratolIf ever there was a weight loss miracle product, this is it! Meratol contains Capsicum, Brown Seaweed and Prickly Pear Cactus, three of the most effective weight loss foods in the world, and is the ONLY product in the world to contain ALL these wonder products!

Meratol blocks carbohydrates up to 82%, reduces calorie intake, speeds up the metabolism and helps you to burn more fat and calories all in one single tablet WOW!

Clinically proven to make you lose 3 to 5 lbs within your first week of taking! Meratol is set to be the number one selling weight loss product this year, and we are really not surprised!

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Weight Loss Foods Slim Weight PatchSlimweight Patch is loaded with the most advanced but natural weight loss foods and ingredients, such as Seaweed Extract Bladderwrack, Guarana and Yerba Maté. Slimweight Patch blocks carbohydrate digestion, speeds up the metabolism and detoxes the body.  It also contains other fat burning nutrients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Zinc Pyruvate, and L-Caritine.

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