How To Find Genuine Hoodia Gordonii

WARNING: Read This Article Before You Buy Any HOODIA!!!

buy hoodiaHoodia is an incredible weight loss product, but it is a product where you need to be extremely careful what you are buying!

If you search the net for the term ‘hoodia’, you will innundated with products all claiming they are the genuine article.

Research was undertaken by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, to look at the authenticity of all the hoodia products available to purchase. Scarily, it was proven that 80% of the hoodia products available online ARE NOT the genuine article, yes, that’s right 80%!

Why are so many of these products considered to be fake? Doesn’t the ingredient list say it contains real Hoodia?

In some cases this is true, but there is more to this than just reading the ingredients list. All of the factors below, are vital to determine you have genuine Hoodia Gordonii, to ensure YOUR weight loss.

1. Which Hoodia plant has been used?

hoodiaIf a Hoodia product does not identify what type of Hoodia plant it is, you are likely to be looking at a supplement that contains the wrong type of Hoodia.

There are actually 13 types of Hoodia plant, although it is only the Hoodia Gordonii plant that contains the active ingredient P57 that can effectively suppress your appetite.

If you buy a Hoodia product that does not state what type of Hoodia plant it is, then it is likely that you are looking at a supplement that contains the wrong type of Hoodia. This will not effectively suppress your appetite, and will therefore not bring about great weight loss for YOU!

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2. What part of the Hoodia Gordonii plant has been used?

Of the Hoodia Gordonii plant itself, it is only the aerial stem (the core) of the plant that contains the active molecule P57. The rest of the plant – its leaves, flowers and roots, have no weight loss benefits.

If a company is claiming to be using 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, this may be true if they are using the whole of the plant to make the supplement.  However, be warned, you may be only getting 60% or even less of the plants active ingredient!

3. Are there any other ingredients in the Hoodia?

Unfortunately, this is the case with many supplements available to buy. Some companies may claim to be using 100% Hoodia Gordonii on their label, whilst still not giving you a pure supplement.

As an endangered species with limited exportations and harvests, many companies have chosen to incorporate other ingredients such as caffeine to save on cost and product.

This obviously reduces your chances of achieving real weight loss, and decreases the effectiveness of your supplement. However, by law companies are not actually doing anything wrong by claiming that the products contain pure Hoodia Gordonii.

Please ensure you check the full ingredient list before purchasing your Hoodia product. The only ingredient you want to see on the packaging is the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, and the ingredients used to make up its capsules such as gelatin.

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4. Hoodia – Is it an extract?

buy hoodiaNo company who is selling genuine Hoodia Gordonii is selling it as an extract. Why? Because all ‘extract’ exactly means is that you are receiving only 60% of the plants core. The rest is a combination of fillers, caffeine or other inactive parts of the Hoodia Gordonii plant that will do nothing at all to suppress your appetite.

So many companies have scrimped on the quality of their Hoodia products, which is why a huge 80% of the Hoodia products available failed to test as a genuine pure Hoodia Gordonii product, scary isn’t it!

Please ensure you follow all the above criteria when buying your Hoodia product to ensure you experience the powerful weight loss benefits that a quality product will give you.

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