Maqui Berry & Cancer Cells

weight loss foods maqui berry and cancer cellsCancer is one of the greatest killers of our time. With innumerable categories and subtypes, this disease has proven to be an intractable and deadly enemy.

At present, there is no single protocol to address the various types of cancer. Its precise origins and actions are sometimes largely unknown. However, most of the world’s leading experts agree that increasing numbers of chemical, biological and environmental elements are contributing to this epidemic.

The Maqui Berry – A Glimmer Of Hope Against Cancer Cells?

The best antioxidant in the worldControlled laboratory studies on the Maqui Berry and cancer cells have shown encouraging results.  When introduced into carefully monitored cancer cell cultures, distilled Maqui Berry prevents the development and proliferation of cancer cells.

The strong antioxidant actions of the Maqui seem to cause the cancer cells to go into a self-destructive mode. The sequence leading to cell death called apoptosis can be seen in 24 hours!!

Maqui Berry, The Most Potent Antioxidant known To Man!

The powerful antioxidants of the Maqui Berry counteract the free radicals and toxins that can impair the cells and organs. There is no other superfood more equiped to do this, as there is no other antioxidant as strong as Maqui Berry in the world!!

Free radicals and toxins are scavengers, and are the leading cause of various ailments and sicknesses. Inflammation of the bones and joints, skin conditions, cardiovascular problems, cancerous growths are just some examples of what can develop when the effects of free radicals are unchallenged.

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Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry – Can A Simple Berry Fight This Deadly Epidemic?

The Fight Against Cancer CellsStudies on Maqui berry and cancer cells are in the preliminary stages, and the initial research was done following cancer cell culture models. Empirical data on humans has not yet been collated as scientists are cautious in using people as guinea pigs for untested trials.

The initial results on this incredible powerful superfood are encouraging and provides an exciting glimmer of hope of developments to come. We hope studies will soon show hard data that will support the link between Maqui berry consumption and the death of cancer cells.

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Maqui Berry

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