Meratol and George Clooney

By | March 25, 2013

Meratol and George Clooney

The weight loss supplements I review and write about are the best weight loss products available period. There are hundreds of other weight loss products available online that I would never include on this website, as they are just rubbish. It makes me so cross, to think of anyone getting ripped off, and being sold a useless product with great promises of weight loss.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Anyway, one thing I am not allowed to take about is what celebrities are using what weight loss supplements. This is purely for legal reasons. However, I was cheered to read in The Daily Mail (UK) that George Clooney and Leonardi DiCaprio are both fans of Meratol. They are friends, so did Leo recommend it to George, or George to Leo I wonder?

The Daily Mail also confirmed Courtney Cox and Eva Longoria as fans of Meratol. I think Courtney Cox’s figure in Cougar Town must be the best endorsement for a weight loss product out there. She is now in her later 40s and looks beyond incredible.

Meratol And It’s Derserved Popularity

However, back to George, it is according to The Mail, the George Clooney effect which has sparked a huge surge in Meratol sales. Deservedly so, Meratol is a great product that works.

Meratol is a winning combination of natural ingredients that speed up the metabolism, burn fat and suppress the appetite.

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Meratol and George Clooney

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