Pure Acai Berry Patch

Pure Acai Berry Patch

Pure Acai Berry Patch

Pure Acai Berry Patch is an Acai product in the form of a quick working weight loss and detox patch. This is a convenient format for taking acai berry, and Pure Acai Berry Patch only contains the highest quality acai berry (pure, freeze dried, organic) for the BEST RESULTS!

  • Lose up to 4lbs per week!
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Detoxes your body
  • Improves health and general wellbeing
  • Very fast and convenient format

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Pure Acai Berry Patch

What is Acai Berry?

Acai Berry (A-sigh-ee) is one of the most powerful superfoods in the world. Used for hundreds of years in the Brazilian rain forests, it is known to boost energy, and bring about rapid but healthy weight loss.

Acai Berry also rejuvenates and detoxes the body, bringing about a great feeling of wellbeing.

Important Information When Buying Any Acai Berry Product

There are many Acai Berry products available on the market, however, there are huge differences in quality, purity and efficacy.

It is vital that you know what to look for when choosing your acai berry product, or you will not experience the full weight loss and health benefits of this incredible food.

acai patchYour acai berry product must be freeze dried in order to retain all the essential nutrients you need for your weight loss. If an acai berry product is from extract, you will not get the weight loss benefits you are looking for.

Your product must be ORGANIC and have an authentic ORAC rating certificate. Guaranteeing you get the full power of the Acai berry.

Why Use Pure Acai Berry Patch?

In addition to Pure Acai Berry Patch containing the most superior form of Acai Berry (pure, organic and freeze dried), there are advantages to using patches over the traditional tablet format.

1. Patches can be faster acting, as they deliver the active component directly into your bloodstream via skin.

2. Patches may also deliver a higher percentage of acai berry into your system as the product is delivered straight into the bloodstream and does not have to go through the digestion process.

Simply stick one discreet Pure Acai Berry Patch to your skin on arm every day and it will invisibly work for you 24/7. What could be easier!

Lose weight FAST with Pure Acai Berry Patch

Pure Acai Berry Patch

Pure Acai Berry Patch Product Information

Daily Serving – Pure Acai Berry Patch contains 40mg Acai Berry (pure, freeze dried, organic). One box contains 30 trans-dermal patches which are exactly 1 months supply (1 patch per day).

Pure Acai Berry Patch weight lossPrice – 1 month supply $60.12/£41.90, 3 month supply $138.95 ($46.32 per month)/£96.83 (£32.28 per month), 6 month supply $238.95 ($39.83 per month)/£166.52 (£27.75per month)

Pure Acai Berry Patch Product Rating 5/5

Pure Acai Berry Patch Product Rating

Pure Acai Berry Patch is a high quality product that delivers the acai berry into your system in an efficient and very convenient format.

Pure Acai Berry Patch will also deliver much more acai berry into the system than just the 40mg would indicate. Pure Acai Berry Patch will detox your body, flushing away your excess pounds. It will increase your metabolism and help you to maintain on-going weight lossLosing weight with this product couldn’t be easier!

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How does Pure Acai Berry Patch rate against other Acai products?

Rating – 5/5 Pure Acai Berry Max Rating – 3/5 Acai Berry Select

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Pure Acai Berry Patch