Green Tea Weight Loss

green tea weight lossGreen tea weight loss – The key to losing weight is to drastically reduce the amount of calories you consume, for some this can prove to be very difficult.  When you lower your calorie intake this can often make you feel hungry which can deplete energy levels and cause mood swings. 

However, many weight loss experts claim that hunger pangs can be suppressed by drinking certain types of tea.

There are many different varieties of weight loss tea to choose from; among the best are green tea, Wu Long and Oolong tea (both of which are types of green tea).

Green Tea

Green Tea is probably the most recognised weight loss tea.  The manufacturers of some blends of Green Tea maintain that it will reduce your appetite by up to 60% which results in very speedy weight loss.  Green tea weight loss is also known to increase your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories.  Particular brands of Green tea ware believed to regulate blood sugar resulting in a lesser need to snack or binge on food.  Green tea weight loss is highly effective and so good for your health too!

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Green Tea Weight Loss

green tea weight loss Green tea has not always been considered a weight loss product, until recent studies have proven its fat burning properties and its ability to speed up the metabolism.  Green tea also has no ill side effects such as heart palpitations and dizziness, which are commonly experienced when is using other effective fat burning, weight loss supplements.

Green Tea has always been recognised as much more than just a beverage.  Asians have used Green Tea as a herbal medicine and treatment for almost everything from depression to headaches.  Now it is widely appreciated for its ability to help with weight loss.

For a weight loss program to be at its most effective they require two elements.  The body must consume less fuel and burn more energy. Green Tea helps you to do this!  By drinking a lot of green tea, it reduces the chances of wanting to snack or drink something that may be of a higher calorific content. Green Tea also burns fat and calories.

A study has found that regular Green Tea drinkers burn as much as 4% more energy than those who do not. Nothing is easier than green tea weight loss!

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Green Tea Weight Loss


Wu Long Tea

green tea weight lossChinese weight loss tea otherwise known as Wu Long tea is a type of green tea, and is supposed to dissolve body fat by reducing the volume of insulin that rises that is caused from eating carbohydrates.  Wu Long tea is reported to double your energy levels, which means more calories are burnt on a daily basis while drinking this tea.  Other benefits of Chinese weight loss tea include stronger teeth, a clearer complexion, boosted immune system and a peaceful mind.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, another type of green tea, was first discovered in the Fujian Province of China.  A popular weight loss tea and heavily endorsed by Hollywood stars.  It contains Polyphenols that are renowned to lower triglycerides in the blood and reduce the amount of body fat.  Polyphenol also has a great effect on the general health of the body by helping to eradicate free radicals.  Additional benefits of Oolong tea include a reduced risk of atopic dermatitis and tooth decay.

Tava Tea – The Most Effective Weightloss Tea Available

Green tea weight loss Where Tava tea differs from other green tea weight loss teas is it’s unique and superior formulation. Tava tea contains a mix of the most powerful green teas in the world, Sencha (Japanese roasted green tea), Oolong, Wu Long and Puerh teas.

All of these are great teas in their own right, each with beneficial properties and health benefits, however, it is the special and unique mix of all three green teas that makes Tava tea unique and totally different from all other weight loss green teas.

Tava Tea is the most superior and effective form of weight loss green tea available to buy.

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Green Tea Weight Loss


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Green Tea Weight Loss for your health!